Daily Art #2 - Mishaps

Day 6:

Today's Daily Art kind of failed.

I was very busy with other things during the day so I thought that I'd do something simple in the evening, like a fancy manicure. Then I decided that the design wasn't really creative enough and it didn't require any real technical artistic skills, so I decided that it didn't qualify as "daily art".

Thus, I decided to paint. I wanted to revise the color of the frame of the mirror that I was painting on Day 5, but for some reason I was having difficulty trying to hold the mirror without grabbing wet paint today, and the whole time I just felt clumsy. The juggling act ended in a bit of a disaster when I spilled brush cleaner that is probably pretty chemically akin to a paint thinner all over my own lap and the floor.

I actually got pretty lucky with where it spilled, because the jar of cleaner landed upside down in a paper bag which did actually soak up the majority of the spill. A good amount of fluid was able to leak through the bag onto the carpet and that had to be cleaned up of course, but, considering how full the jar was, I can't complain; especially since the bag the jar landed in was sitting directly up against my computer tower, which managed to come out of the incident with only two drops on the top to wipe up. And did I mention that the jar was sitting on the desk right next to my laptop before it fell? That escaped without even a drop hitting it. I must say that I got very lucky. That could have been a very expensive mishap, but instead I was able to get through it by just drying off a couple of things that got splashed, soaking some liquid up from the carpet, and changing my clothes (as they soaked up quite a bit of the spill as well).

The downside, however, is that I wasn't really in the mood to keep painting after that, so this is all that I did today:

I didn't even finish the frame of the mirror, which I'm currently planning on covering in dark silver tones after I finish laying out the cool-toned under-painting which will show through the silver in places.

Oh, and I ruined my manicure:

I guess some days some things just aren't meant to be...