Daily Art #10

I've continued work on my cut-up sketchbook for the past two days, but I've been working on different pages (somewhat...).

Day 16:

Today I worked on the page two pages past the page that I've been working on for the past few days. The facing page next to the one with the palm tree doodles has a semi-transparent vellum in the middle of it. Thus, when the page is turned the palm tree cave doodle shows through. I plan to leave the actual doodle black and white, but I colored the vellum with ink to "color" the drawing on the other page:

The image of the picture is a little blurred because the pages won't sit flat together, but you get the gist. This is just a start. I'm going to be refining this page a lot more after I get the other side of this page done. This beginning layer of color is really just a guideline for what I'm going to put on the page later.

Day 15:

Yesterday I did a little refinement to one of the pages that I've worked on (and previously thought finished) before. The very first page of the book has a semi-transparent piece of paper in it. I like the style and color of the paper, as well as its placement in the page, but, unfortunately, I wrote on the cover of the book awhile back and missed the fact that the writing went right across that piece of paper and showed through to the decorated inside of the book. I've been meaning to fix it for awhile, so yesterday I finally got a start on it:

I fixed the mishap by blacking out the back of the entire semi-transparent rectangle; that covered up the writing. But then, the black showing through looked bad against the other papers and designs on the page, so I made it blend in a bit more by painting glitter nail polish over most of the square. Now I need to refine it a bit more with paint, but I haven't really had opportunity to paint lately, so it may be awhile until I continue with this particular piece of the book.