The Sketchbook Project: First Pages

I have completed the first 2 pages of my sketchbook with the exception of a little round sign on the inside cover that I intend to fill out once my book has been completed and is otherwise ready to mail. May this image bring you as much joy as it does to me:

The Sketchbook Project 2018: Pages 1 & 2

The Sketchbook Project 2018: Pages 1 & 2

Daily Art: This Idea Needs Much More Work

May 20th:

I had an idea for a little creature whose bones got longer as they radiated out from the center of it's body instead of shorter - a creature of backward proportions, so to speak - but it didn't work out quite the way that I planned. This was another poor drawing day. I think that the idea was good, but the execution left a lot to be desired.

Daily Art: Card #14

April 30th:

This is another playing card that I am supremely happy with. Also, I finally figured out which type of ink works best on the playing card surface: Prismacolor marker ink. Who would have thought it? I certainly would not have imagined that Prismacolor markers would ever have worked better than India ink or permanent Sharpie on such a slick surface, but it absolutely does...

Daily Art: Little Blue Mushroom

April 27th:

I drew a mushroom. I really wanted a place to practice drawing some of the details that I want on my Mother Nature character, and I decided that my Cut-Up Sketchbook was the perfect place to do it; so I referenced one of the many inspirational photographs that I've collected on my Mother Nature board on Pinterest and put this little mushroom on the page.