The Sketchbook Project

The Brooklyn Art Library in New York City has a program that I'm proud to say I will be a part of this year: The Sketchbook Project. As part of the project, anyone can purchase a sketchbook from the library and fill it almost any way they desire. The participant then mails the sketchbook back to the library, and the sketchbook becomes part of their permanent collection, travels across the country to art exhibits, and will be catalogued and rotated for viewing at the Brooklyn Art Library as long as it stands.


I have filled my book with patterns and textures. Now for the fun part...

Daily Art: San Francisco Collage

January 26th:

This is a small piece of a much larger collage that I put together of photos taken looking down over the city from Twin Peaks in San Francisco. This view is near the center of the collage horizontally, and shows nearly the full view vertically, as the collage is much more wide than it is tall.